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The '70s Show - Rerun 

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The '70s Show - Rerun

Does not have to be stock, no fee if pre-registered.

Participants will receive two free admissions and one dash plaque per vehicle.


Pre-War Cars are 1942 or earlier manufacture

No Registration fee will be charged.

Post-War Cars 1945-1990

Fee is $15.00 per car.

Blue Ribbon Concours

This exhibit is by invitation that is sent in February and is reserved for high quality vehicles.  The display is located on the most picturesque, grassy, nicely landscaped area of the show.  While these vehicles are of trophy quality, this is a non-competitive event.  The Concours requires that the vehicles be as factory original looking as possible with a cut-off date of 1990.  No modifications.  A committee reviews the request and if approved, adds the vehicle to our Blue Ribbon Exhibit invitation list.  Participants must R.S.V.P.  In order to be approved or considered for the Blue Ribbon Concours, please submit photos to or mail to PO Box 1, Iola, WI 54945.

All Original Vehicles are 1976 or earlier manufacture

These vehicles are admitted at the discretion of the Iola Old Car Show.  They must be pre-approved.  The vehicle(s) has to have 75% original interior and exterior to include upholstery, chrome and paint.  It needs the original type power train with no modification, and needs the right wheels, tires and hubcaps, again with no modification.

Modified Cars are 1990 or earlier manufacture

Hot rod, street rod, rat rod, custom and lead sleds.  Fee is $15.00.

Old Cars Young Drivers

The hobbyist of this classification has to be 25 years of age or younger and drive a collector car that is 25 years old or older.  Cars and trucks need not be show-quality, but must be presentable and driven onto the grounds under their own power.  Stock and modified vehicles are welcome in this area.  You must pre-register by June 15th and there is no registration fee.

Second Generation Production Cars

This display is for factory assembled manufactured vehicles that replicate the look and style of a pervious make and model 1990 or earlier. These vehicles have a newer, more modern driveline and chassis than the original vehicle on which the replication is based. The body may have fiberglass components and the interior may have modern accessories. Vehicles will be accepted into this class if being a factory built vehicle or the manufacturer's "build sheet" or "production order" is available to see.

NEW - Late Model Vehicle (1990 and newer)

Recognizing unique and prestigious late model productions. Must be pre-approved - send photos of the interior and exterior. Limited space. Fee $15.00.

No early entrance!  Collections of 3 or more vehicles must have prior authorization to arrive before 6 a.m. Thursday.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Failure to comply with these rules may be cause for immediate ejections from the show grounds without any refund of fees

Show Car Rules and Regulations

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