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Wondering where your classic fits in? We hope the following descriptions will help you to display your vehicle in the area where it will be seen and appreciated most!

Please note the following:

*Some categories have differing requirements for years of production accepted. *Iola is not a competition! Each vehicle receives a dash plaque, but there are no trophies or awards. Just relax and enjoy yourself!

*Each show car receives two wristbands for participant and one guest.


TBD for the 50th Anniversary!

Theme Display

Theme area does have special parking south of the Iola Car Show building on the pavement. Pre-registration is required and there is no fee. They will enter Gate 4. To be considered for this classification, please send registration and pictures to


Pre-War Display

Open to all vehicles produced up to 1942 with few to no modifications. Vehicles will gather on the west side of the theme area. There is no fee.

Post-War Display

Open to all presentable vehicles produced from 1945-1990. Fee is $15 for duration of event. Parking is west of the tower through Gate 3.

Blue Ribbon Concours

Showcases 1990 and older vehicles that are high quality restorations or fine original examples. Factory paint colors, stripes and decals, interior colors/materials, drivetrain, wheels and model options are highlighted. This exhibit displays vehicles as they were originally manufactured, and provides correct examples for historical and restoration purposes. The show car director may issue an invitation, but we also accept applications for this area to be reviewed by committee. Approved vehicles will be added to the Blue Ribbon Concours invitation list. There is no fee. *Note: Parking areas may change from year to year. Spots cannot be reserved or saved except by the show car director. Enter at Gate 4. To be considered for this classification, please send registration and pictures to

Modified Display

Welcoming vehicles 1990 and older that are considered hot rods, street rods, customized, low riders, rat rods, kit cars, tributes and replicas. Fee is $15 for duration of event. Parking is on the east side of the Iola Car Show Offices. Enter at Gate 5.

Old Cars/Young Drivers

We celebrate our hobbyists under the age of 25 who own and/or have built a classic vehicle. Cars are encouraged to be at least 25 years old but exceptions may be made if approved. These vehicles do not have to be show-quality, but should be visually presentable and in running/driving condition. Stock and modified vehicles of all manufacturers are welcome! Pre-registration is required, and there is no fee. Please enter by Gate 3. To be considered for this classification, please send registration to

Survivor Display

1976 or earlier production vehicles that are presented as they came from the factory, wearing original paint, interior options, upholstery, chrome, wheels/hubcaps, and original power/drive train with no mechanical modifications. A survivor has been driven and may show signs of wear but is in very good, presentable condition and has obviously survived due to great care taken by owner(s), maintenance and proper storage. It is a time capsule that has been maintained, but retains 80% or more of what it left the factory with (not including regular maintenance items, such as belts, hoses, tires, exhaust, etc.) Survivor cars must be pre-approved, and there is no fee. Enter Gate 4, park west of the entrance. To be considered for this classification, please send registration and pictures to

Second Generation Specialty Cars

This display is for those vehicles 1990 or older that revive a marque discontinued by the manufacturer for some reason, then later reintroduced as an upgraded, more modern car by the original manufacturer (ex: Ford Thunderbird) or by a company that may have purchased the rights to do so (ex: Avanti ll, Duesenburg ll). These vehicles have updated safety features, modern driveline and chassis, and may also feature fiberglass body components. The interior may have modern accessories, but the exterior of the car is classic-themed. Other types of cars in this class include Clenet, Excalibur, Cobras (made by several companies), Pray Auburn, Pray Cord, Shay Model A, Zimmer, and others. Other terms used to describe these cars include Replica, Replicar, Neo Classic, and Contemporary Classic. Vehicles accepted into this class must have the manufacturer’s build sheet or production order on display. There is no fee and they will enter Gate 4.

Late Model Vehicle

This category celebrates 1990 and newer unique and prestigious late model productions. For this display, vehicles must be pre-approved and there is a $15 registration fee. They will enter Gate 3. To be considered for this classification, please send registration and pictures to

No early entrance!  Collections of 3 or more vehicles must have prior authorization to arrive before 6 a.m. Thursday.  We appreciate your cooperation.

For classifications that require it, Please supply quality photographs of all four sides of your vehicle, the engine bay, dash/instrument panel, wheels (1 is sufficient), and seats/interior.

Registration Mailers will be sent out in January.

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