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Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.

Iola Old Car Show, Inc. is dedicated to preserving the history of the automobile and related historical culture.  The event serves in educating participants and the public about the past, present and future innovation of all things “car culture.” The Iola Car Show and Swap Meet provides a bridge between all generations of people, creating a live platform for the talking/teaching/touching/experiencing of all things auto/culture related past and present. It also provides a point of commerce between buys/seller/builders/collectors or parts and complete examples on the vehicles and associated parts, tools, equipment, advertising, memorabilia and pop-culture over those periods.


The process of planning and executing the event is also the catalyst for an unbelievable educational experience through volunteerism. For more than 50 years, “Iola” the event has instilled and fostered a sense of community service in tens of thousands of individuals from central Wisconsin communities, representing several generations.  For many in the region, volunteering for Iola beginning in their youth helped them develop an understanding of hard work, team work, and community pride.


Outside of the annual event, Iola Old Car Show, Inc. is involved in educational experiences with local school programs including trade training/experiences, DECA and more.  GearKids is a youth/educational segment of the operation aimed at attracting and educating young people during the event.

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