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Economic Impact

Along with charitable giving, the Iola Car Show has an incredible economic impact for central Wisconsin.  That isn’t something we take lightly.  Together with key volunteers, our small staff of office and grounds personnel work year-round planning, developing and maintaining the annual event and related support infrastructure.


A recent economic impact study concluded the annual event is responsible for as much as $25-$30 million for Waupaca County and the six connected counties.  This is the equivalent of approximately 250 full-time jobs right here in the center of Wisconsin.  Read the Economic Impact Study Here.


Because of the notoriety and natural association between “Iola” the national known event, and “Iola” the community, it is our mission to continue to develop and maintain the annual event and our surrounding communities to ensure sustained viability now and into the future. We are a community resource for support through funding, concept development and so much more.

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