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July 9-11th



Iola Car Show

Free Parking

Gates Open At 6AM

 Official 2019 Highlight Video

Iola Car Show Poster Contest for 2019 Winner!

The Iola Car Show poster is a trademark for thousands around the nation. It commemorates each year's event theme and shares important information as it hangs proudly from shops and refrigerators. This year, the Iola Car Show is excited to announce the Iola Car Show Poster contest for 2019! We are allowing YOU to submit a photo to use for a chance to win the spot of the premier image on our poster AND a $500 prize.

We know that the Iola Car Show means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Maybe you want to submit an image of your favorite swap vendor or that perfect camp site. We are open to all images Iola Car Show related and we hope you stretch your creativity and enjoy this new opportunity!


Winter Storage

Save valuable space in your garage or get your vehicle out of the elements with our 2019-2020 winter storage! Contact the office OR fill out the online form to do it yourself!


Free Parking


The Iola Car Show is one of America’s largest auto events.  With 2,500 show cars, 4,200 swap spaces, 1,600 camp sites, 1,000 for sale car corral spaces and some of the best food anywhere, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  The event offers free parking, free admission for children 12 and under, and affordable fun for the whole family.  Don’t forget to register for the incredible giveaways, and visit the awesome national sponsor displays.  


One of the Biggest and Best Car Shows and Swap Meets in America

The Iola Car Show is a production of Iola Old Car Show Inc., a non-profit corporation established to promote the industry and for the betterment of our area communities.

With over 300 acres that showcase more than 2,200 show cars, 4,200 swap spaces, 1,000 car corral spaces and 1,600 camping spaces, the Iola Car Show is one of the biggest events for auto enthusiasts in the America. Our range of services, from free parking and complimentary Wi-Fi and bus services, are designed to provide you with a comfortable and convenient experience at the Iola Car Show and Swap Meet.